Celebrating Easter in Mexico

Published on April 4, 2023

Easter in Mexico, also known as Semana Santa, is a time of deep religious significance and traditional food plays a key role in the festivities. During this time, families gather together to celebrate the holiday, and food is an essential part of the celebration. Let’s take a look at some of the Easter Celebrations in Mexico, and some of the delicious foods that go along with it.

Easter Celebrations in Mexico

While a time deeply rooted in religious traditions, Easter in Mexico is also a time of celebration and festivity.

Throughout Mexico, there are elaborate processions that take place during Holy Week. The processions are accompanied by music, prayer, and incense, and they are a powerful expression of faith. In many parts of Mexico, people decorate their homes and churches with flowers, palms, and other symbols of Easter. The streets are lined with colourful banners and streamers, and the atmosphere is festive and joyful. 

Traditional foods are typically eaten during the Lenten period leading up to Easter, but they are also enjoyed during the Easter holiday.

Easter Eats

Bacalao, also known as salt cod, is a traditional Easter dish in Mexico. The fish is typically soaked in water for a day or two to remove the salt, and then cooked with tomatoes, onions, and peppers. The dish is often served with rice, beans, or tortillas.

Empanadas de Vigilia are another traditional cuisine. These empanadas are typically filled with fish or vegetables and are meant to be eaten during the Lenten period leading up to Easter. They are often served with a side of salsa.

Another popular dish, Chiles Rellenos, or stuffed chiles, are also often enjoyed during Easter. The dish is made by stuffing a roasted poblano pepper with cheese, meat, or vegetables, and then frying it until crispy.

In addition to these traditional dishes, many families in Mexico also prepare other festive foods and desserts during Easter, such as Tres Leches cake, flan, and churros – which we serve in all of our restaurants!