Mexican Candy

Published on November 23, 2021

The leaves are changing, and the spirit of the Halloween season is in full effect, so we’re marking the festive occasion by exploring different types of candy that Mexico has to offer. While Mexican sweets are never centered around a singular ingredient or note, we’re highlighting some unique flavours!

Tamarind Treats
Pod-like fruit with a sweet and tangy pulp
If you’re intrigued by juxtaposing flavours, candy made with tamarind may be your new favourite.  The texture allows for unique shapes and formats, kicking the creativity factor up several notches.

Skwinkles: A long, sugary candy tube with pineapple filing to add some gentle acidity.

Pulparindo: Tamarind-based fruit “leather” that is available with other fruit layers.

Pelon Pelo Rico: A uniquely interactive, push-pop style treat that is enjoyed by pushing the candy paste through small holes.

Delicate Marzipan

The classic sweet treat – made without almonds

While commonly known for its almond flavour, De La Rosa Mazapán is made with peanuts instead, creating a distinctly different taste. The candy is round in shape, and provides a sweet and nutty taste with a slightly granular texture.

Turn Up the Heat

Sugar, spice, and everything nice
You may have had your fair share of cheek puckering sour candy, but what about spicy? We know cinnamon flavoured candy may come to mind, but we’re taking it a step further with fruit flavours paired with savoury heat.
Vero Mango:
A mango lollipop dusted in a coating of chili powder. Prepare to endure the heat to taste the sweet.

Pica Limón: A salty, lemon hot powder that isn’t for the faint of heart! This treat will engage your senses in a bold way.

Creamy Confections

Milky delights that hit just right
When you’re ready to mellow the heat, reach for one of these rich, melt-in-your-mouth candies.
A frosting-like treat available in flavour combinations such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry and – believe it or not – comes with its own tiny spoon!
Obleas: A goat milk-based caramel candy that’s sandwiched between two thin wafers for that perfectly delicate crunch.

Velvety Chocolate

Cocoa-based comfort
While chocolate is incorporated in both sweet and savoury Mexican dishes, we’re aiming to satisfy that sweet tooth.
Carlos V:
A classic, milk chocolate bar named after the man who’s credited to popularizing chocolate as a sweet treat over a drink.
Malva Bony Paleta-Pop: For those who have a taste for smores, a chocolate covered marshmallow treat with gummy candy eyes and mouth for an extra playful indulgence.