• Burrito platter serves 5-8

    5 large burritos cut in half and arranged on a platter.
    500-600 cals

  • Mini-burrito platter serves 4-7

    The perfect finger food. "3-bite" burritos with the toppings as your favourite burrito.
    540-660 cals

  • Mini-quesadilla platter serves 4-7

    Simple & delicious. 20 quesadillas made with 6" tortillas. Cheesy goodness!
    500-630 cals

  • Burrito 8-pack serves 8

    8 individually-wrapped regular size burritos.
    600-660 cals

  • Taco platter serves 4-6

    12 soft tacos arranged on a platter.
    370-480 cals

  • Chips & guacamole platter serves 6-8

    A platter of tortilla chips and our homemade guacamole.
    290 cals

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  • Chips & salsa platter serves 6-8

    A platter of tortilla chips and our made-fresh-daily salsa.
    220 cals

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  • Mixed greens salad serves 7-9

    Spring mix salad with red onions and tomatoes served with balsamic vinaigrette on the side.
    140 cals

*Calories shown are per serving. Prices will vary per region.

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Gluten-free available
We regret that we cannot guarantee that our gluten-free menu items have not had contact with traces of gluten in our kitchens. We do our very best to limit this contamination. But we recommend that those with celiac disease and/or highly sensitive individuals order with full awareness of this risk.