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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 2 easy ways to join the Quesada Qlub program. You can choose to register here or download Quesada app from iOS or android play store.

We’re excited to announce enhancements to our loyalty program! Now, you can enjoy a wider array of reward tiers and product options to choose from. 

All your points will maintain their current value and will be seamlessly transferred to the Quesada Qlub under your email.

Starting now, all points that Quesada Qlub members earn will expire one year from accumulation on the 1st of following month. For example, any points earned on March 11, 2024 will expire on April 1, 2025. All points carried forward as of today will expire on March 1, 2025. 

As a valued member of Quesada Qlub, you’re in for some special treats:

  • Birthday Reward: We celebrate you on your special day! Ensure you’re registered on the app to unlock this birthday treat.
  • Exclusive Offers: Be the first to receive special offers through emails and on the app. Remember to opt-in for promotional emails to get these deals. 

…And stay tuned for additional perks and surprises!

Easily monitor your progress! When you open the app, your current status is displayed at the top of the screen. Check the offers section to discover active offers you can redeem. Upon opting into a promotional offer, a progress bar will guide you, showing you the steps needed to complete the Challenge. 

Earning points is effortless! Sign in with your Quesada Qlub login for all your purchases online or via the mobile app, and points will automatically be credited to your account. Don’t forget to scan your card in-store to keep accumulating points.

Redeeming your points is just as simple as earning them. You can use your points directly in-app or in-store. There are various levels at which you can redeem your points, offering flexibility and more rewards. Choose what suits you best and enjoy the benefits of being a part of Quesada Qlub!

The new Quesada App is available on iOS App Store and Android App Store.

Please click here to see the Reward Policy.