Franchising FAQ

A one-time upfront fee of $30,000 for the initial term of the Franchise Agreement which runs concurrently with the initial term of the lease.
Cost can vary depending on the size, condition of the space and work included by the landlord. More detailed information related to these estimates and overall start-up cost will be made available in the Quesada Disclosure Document.
Quesada does not provide financing but all Canadian banks provide financing to qualified Quesada franchisees. You can contact a specialist to help you with presentation of your business plan for the bank once you have identified a location and secured a lease.
We will work together to find a suitable site.
Once you and Quesada have mutually agreed on the site and you are happy with overall terms which we can assist with during the negotiation of the “offer to lease” and your letter of intent to move forward with a lease. This is when we recommend that you have your legal counsel review the entire lease that you ultimately will sign directly with the Landlord.
Quesada has contracts with major Canadian distributors to supply everything you need to operate your restaurant.
Training is provided by our inhouse operations team and or through our Area Developer’s. Franchisees receive the very best strategic support on how to manage the business, how to minimize costs… and methods to increase revenues. You will start with pre-training at the online Quesada College, followed by a comprehensive two-week training program (including one weekend) in a regional training restaurant. Ongoing support is provided through Quesada College, our Operations Team and when applicable through your Area Developer.
Quesada’s success is a genuine team effort built on collaboration. Franchisees regularly provide input to improve the company’s overall system and has a Franchisee Advisory Board (FAB). From equipment to procurement, advertising to training, franchisees are able to offer their point of view with the aim of improving the Quesada experience. We recognize the value of our franchisees and their front-line experience. Mutual respect, personal integrity and teamwork are key to achieving our shared goals. Based on their own survey of Quesada franchisees, the Canadian Franchise Association awarded Quesada their prestigious “Franchisee’s Choice” designation in 2016 and again in 2017.
Our goal is for you to grow. More than 50% of our franchisees will become multiple-restaurant operators. We ensure that franchisees have the tools, support and encouragement to quickly succeed at their first restaurant, so they can rapidly expand to additional locations.
Click the “Get Started” link below and complete the online form. A Quesada representative will contact you to discuss your qualification for a Quesada franchise. Based on the outcome of that conversation and online testing, you may then meet with your representative and our VP of Brand. This may take place in one of our restaurants or virtually so that you can get to know each other. They will answer all of your questions, and some you haven’t thought of, during this meeting. If you are accepted as a candidate for a franchise, you will be provided with a Quesada Franchise Disclosure Document. This is an in-depth disclosure of information that is material to your decision to invest in a Quesada franchise. You cannot sign any contracts nor will Quesada accept any payment until a minimum of two weeks have expired after your receipt of this document.
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