New to the Menu: Hola Queso!

Published on March 8, 2022

It’s time to scoop your nachos, or take your burritos and tacos to the next level with Queso at Quesada! We’re excited to bring you this beloved dip to our lineup of options. Rich, comforting, and the epitome of a melting pot of cultural flavours, this addition can add a layer of nostalgia to your next meal at Quesada.

The history of Queso
Speculated to have emerged during the 19th century alongside the rise in popularity of European-style fondue across the Atlantic, which may be attributed to the inspiration for this cheesy dip. Queso first appeared in the northern Mexico state of Chihuahua, later moving to Texas – the original destination for Tex-Mex cuisine.

Queso has become much more popular recently, and the reason for this isn’t a mystery – who doesn’t like melted cheese!? Celebrated for its versatility, Queso can be made with from variety of different ingredients that appeal to all tastes. With different seasonings, peppers and cheeses, there are an infinite amount of possibilities to get creative!

The one and only Quesada Queso
Our creamy dip is made with cheddar cheese for that distinctly classic Queso flavour, along with jalapeño peppers for a touch of heat. We also add green chiles, tomatoes, onions, and chipotle peppers for a layer of smokiness.

Next time you visit us, be sure to give it a try!