3 Inventions from Mexico That May Surprise You

Published on December 9, 2022

Whether you’re a full on foodie or a chef in the making, interesting food facts can help deepen our understanding and connection to the world around us – and the food we consume.

To encourage your curiosity, here are 3 inventions that came from Mexico that may surprise you.

Caesar Salad 

Yes, you read that correctly! The popular Italian-American salad was actually born in Mexico! According to The Telegraph, Caesar Cardini invented the salad in 1924. He owned a restaurant in Tijuana and over a Fourth of July weekend, Cardini tossed a bunch of ingredients together that he had available to him and voila – the Caesar salad was born!


A beloved treat around the world, chocolate was actually invented in Mexico. As we explored in our blog about the history of Mexican chocolate, it was consumed as a beverage by the Mayans in the 5th century for both ceremonial purposes and in daily life.

In modern times, Mexican chocolate is used both in sweet and savoury dishes, which makes it especially unique. 

Tomatoes Originated from Mexico

Another one you might not expect, tomatoes are actually native to South America, and was a popular ingredient among the Aztecs. After the Spanish conquest, tomatoes made their way over to Europe. 

Their ability to mutate encouraged different countries and regions to develop their own varieties of tomatoes, which is why we can enjoy such a range of flavours. From sweet, almost candy-like varieties of cherry tomatoes, to the more robust San Marzano – we have Mexico to thank for this tasty fruit!