Carnival in Mexico

Published on February 4, 2023

There are many celebrations to enjoy in Mexico, but there a none quite like Carnival! Happening between February 16-21, and happening as far as Baja California, Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans, this celebration is one of the largest in modern times. Let’s dive into the history of how this event came to be!

A Long Standing Celebration

When we say we’re going way back in time we really mean it – all the way to the Middle Ages, where Carnival came to Mexico with the Spanish during the colonial period. It was seen as a time in which rules could be broken, understandably very appealing to the rebellious types!

By the 18th century, an effort was made to suppress the celebrations by banning the wearing of masks among other regulation. Thankfully, by the late 19th to the early 19th the celebrations began to return as major public events, giving way to the large scale celebrations we’re familiar with today.

Now seen as and important social and tourist event, celebrations are now sponsored by their respective city governments. Two of the largest events occur in Veracruz and Mazatlán.

Party to the Mex

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